Ready to Fly?

Dear OFW,

Are you ready to fly? Before answering this question, you should first ensure that you have all the necessary requirements for departure with you. These include the following:

  1. Plane Ticket
  2. Passport with Working Visa
  3. Employment Contract Approved by the POEA
  4. OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate
  5. PDOS or Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar Certificate
  6. OWWA/PhilHealth Insurance Certificate

In addition to this, the following are also essential for the first timer OFW:

  1. A cellphone. A cheap one will do, but a WiFi-capable one is preferable, so that you can update your loved ones at home about your trip during stopovers. Almost all airports now have free WiFi.
  2. A small notebook with contact numbers of your home and employers, and most especially, the name and contact number of your welcoming party at the destination airport.
  3. A small amount of money – in US dollars – just enough for two to three days contingency, in case “something” happens. The amount should cover your food and communication expenses, in case you get stranded in airports during stopovers.

If you already have all these, but still feels nervous, just think of all the dollars you will earn and all the possibilities that you can do with the money – a down payment and amortization for that new house, an educational fund for your kids, monthly allowance for your parents, even cash for that second-hand car. If you can think about all these and then feel that smile on your face, then you are ready to fly.

Bon Voyage, OFW!

If you have questions: Call the POEA 24-hour hotlines: (02)722-1144 / 722-1155 Visit the POEA website: Or email them at:




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