Flying over London

In your lifetime, how many times do you get to fly over London? A few times, maybe? Once? Or maybe none at all. So when the chance of flying over one of the greatest cities in the World was up, I reminded myself to get my camera ready for the golden opportunity.

Google Earth image of London

We were flying out of the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, on our way to the Caribbean Netherlands Antilles territory of St. Maarten. I learned from basic geography that to get to the Caribbean Sea from the Netherlands, you will have to fly over the North Sea and pass over Great Britain. I figured, if I could not get a glimpse of London, I could at least see the English countryside from the air.

After some time over the sea, I finally got a glimpse of the island of Great Britain, which gave me the signal to take my camera out. I set the dial to the “aerial” scene preset. I was not disappointed as after several minutes, this scene displayed itself on my airplane window. And so, I took this aerial snapshot of London.

London as seen from the window of a KLM plane

So there. 🙂


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